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Sudbury, ON Monday July 23rd, 2018 at 4:20 PM

On the evening of Friday, July 20th 2018, Meals on Wheels (Sudbury) a charitable organization, was the victim of a break and enter which resulted in significant loss of inventory and supplies. An unknown number of individuals broke into the main building, located on the main level of Minnow Lake Place at 1127 Bancroft in Sudbury and subsequently broke into the Meals on Wheels (Sudbury) front office and commercial kitchen. The suspect(s) propped open the walk in fridge and freezer doors, destroyed thousands of dollars in food and supplies resulting in significant food spoilage and clean up by staff and volunteers over the weekend. Although damages are still being assessed, it is estimated to be between 15k and 20k.

Meals on Wheels (Sudbury) is requesting the public's assistance in reporting any suspicious activity in the area of 1127 Bancroft on the evening of July 20th to Greater Sudbury Police.

Meals on Wheels (Sudbury) was established in 1971, with the intent to keep people independent in their homes by supplying daily hot, well balanced, nutritious and affordable meals. Today, they serve hundreds of local residents delicious and healthy meals every week delivering over 28,700 meals in 2017 alone. The Meals on Wheels (Sudbury) kitchen is also home to Home of Our Own Catering, a division of Meals on Wheels (Sudbury) which helps fund the Meals on Wheels (Sudbury) meal delivery program.

Please contact Angele Gladu, Manager of Operations for any further information at

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